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Kara Davis - Episode 4

Kara Davis the associate director of Intermountain Public Defender Inc. talks about life in Bulgaria, traveling through a war zone to see Pearl Jam, missing out on a year in Oz and defending her peeps in Pendleton Oregon with a little 2nd amendment GUN info on the side.

Intermountain Public Defender Inc.
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Emergency Podcast - 'National' Emergency

It's President's Day so why not break down the current debacle and talk about our national emergency with an emergency podcast. We still have a long line of cool kids to talk to in the near future.

Peter Sage - Episode 3

Medford's Sage discusses catching the Mail Tribune cheating its' subscribers, a round trip ticket from Medford to Massachusetts and a bunch of other good stuff. Next time up we talk to the next leader of the free world or Dr. X MD PhD and ps.... there is that national emergency brewing. Translation: requisite emergency podcast.

Don't mess with Texas - Episode 2

Do you know the way to Santa Clara, border issues, flying to nowhere for a clinical auto diagnostic analysis, Costco shopping in Acapulco and how does your political party leadership work at the local level from the former Upshur County Republican Chairman. Next up we talk to DJT's right hand man right here at home in Eugene and the possible next leader of the free world.

Episode C

We make a call and speak with 3.5 of the world's finest celebrity's and sports fixtures that were once alive and one that's still with us. Our premiere episode is a winner and the fans agree! Next time we go down to that Texas town with that home out on the range to talk about cows, oil pipelines and Vietnamese coffee.

Cameos by Al Michaels, Michael Jordan, Bob Costas, JT the Brick, Gary Radnich and some guy named Tom Cruise.

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The list is long but I'm always open for someone who can hold a conversation that has entertainment value, has something to plug or pimp.
If you're one of these people I'd be happy to have you on my show and you can reach me at

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